This evening snack is famous in karnataka, mouth watering, delicious. We have shown the most easiest way to prepare masalapuri where minimum ingredients are used, which are easily available in kitchen

Masala puri chaat is most popular chaat in Karnataka. It is my favourite chaat. It can be prepared very easily at home. One can use matar / peas / bataani and Potato for masala. Instead of potato you can also add Kabul channa. Enjoy this rainy season with delicious spicy Masalpuri.
Masale puri recipe – street style | bangalore masala puri chaat recipe | ಮಸಾಲಪುರಿ | masalpuri
masala puri recipe | masala puri chaat recipe | masala poori recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. Basically a spicy, lip smacking street food recipe of india which is prepared by mixing crushed pooris and hot masala gravy from green peas and potatoes. Roadside masala puri recipe was originated from southen state of india, but widely appreciated in all northern states today. It is a chaat recipe and the preparation is extremely simple. Moreover, the hot masala gravy from green peas and aloo can be prepared in advance and the assembling can be done just before serving. The same gravy can also be used in other chaat recipes as a topping.
Masalpuri / ಮಸಾಲಪುರಿ / Masala puri chaat/Karnataka Street Special Masalpuri
masala puri recipe | masala puri chaat recipe | masala poori recipe
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