Between Cheeses, Dried Meats, Fresh Fishes or Wild Plants, without forgetting lots of different drinks, the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland offer a lot of palatable experiences.

We have been invited by the Region Jura & Three Lakes to discover some of its best products and we totally fell for them! And not only because we had Absinthe just before 🙂 Here are our top 10 :

1. Lake Fishes, among which trouts, pikes or perchs

2. Absinthe, because in case you didn’t know the Green Fairy was born in the core of Jura, between Switzerland and France.

3. Tête de Moine, the famous Rose Cheese is made in a few farms in this part of West Switzerland

4. Damassine, a really flavorful (and strong) Prune Alcohol whose fruit is said to have been originally imported from Damas, Syria. In this video, we were randomly invited by really nice Swiss friends whose homemade Damassine was a hit for us!

5. Wild plants are everywhere, and especially where we don’t look. I can now definitely say the best oregano ever was not grown!

6. Cheese fondue, but also raclette, mountain cheeses, croûte and a lot of other cheese speciality. Shall we remind you what Swiss is known for?

7. Rösti! Not especially a regional specialty, but this potato dish is definitely to try in the country and a must-have during the Swiss national day.

8. Toétché, a traditional cottage cheese savoury cake whose flavour and texture are really unique

9. Chasselas, a wine grape typical from the region that produces a crisp and fresh white wine, that surprisingly goes really well with cheese 🙂

10. Saucisson de Neuchatel is a smoked and hearty sausage from the city of Neuchatel, here cooked in red wine. From the region of course.

Let’s add chocolate, dried meats, horse meat and a lot more cheeses, and you’ll never come back from the area 🙂

Wanna visit our places?

Go to La Maison de la Tête de Moine, to savor the cheese and know more about it

For Absinthe visit La Maison de l’Absinthe
and the passionate producer Philippe Martin

To know more about Wild Plants, meet with Maria Luisa Wenger

To taste some Chasselas with a view on the Lake, go to Christian

DISCLAIMER : the region Jura & Three Lakes helped us finance a part of our journey but didn’t influence our content whatsoever.
Thanks a lot to Carole, Silke and all the other for their wonderful organisational assistance!



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