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Are you experiencing severe pain in the lower back? stomach pain? Nausea? Vomiting? discolored urine?

These might all be symptoms of Kidney Stones.

Kidney Stones are very painful. They are deposits of minerals and salts that develop inside the kidneys. They happen for a variety of reasons, from not drinking enough water to eating foods with too much salt, sugar or high oxalates.

Kidney stones form as a result of high levels of calcium, phosphorus, and oxalate in the urine. In many cases, kidney stones can pass on their own, although they are usually very painful, and require medical attention.

In severe cases, they need to be surgically removed.

You can prevent kidney stones in the first place by adopting a healthy diet. Avoid salt and foods high in oxalates as much as possible and drink lots of water. Maintain your optimal weight and exercise often.

In this video, we’re going to talk about 17 foods that can contribute to kidney stones. They are also healthy foods. So, if you have no family history of kidney stones, you should be safe eating these foods. If you do have a history, you should watch your daily intake closely.

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Intro – 0:00​
1. Spinach – 01:48
2. Almonds – 02: 20
3. Miso Soup – 02:53
4. Animal Protein – 03:30
5. Okra – 04:13
6. Rhubarb – 04:37
7. Cocoa Powder – 05:00
8. Corn Grits – 05:34
9. Bulgur – 06:06
10. Buckwheat – 06:33
11. Beets – 07:02
12. Potatoes with Skin – 07:34
13. Raspberries – 07:51
14. Dates – 08:11
15. Hot Chocolate – 08:29
16. Soy Products – 08:57
17. Navy Beans – 09:22

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