Ava and Alivia are getting ready for summer by creating a delicious DAIRY FREE ice cream to share with all of their friends. This recipe is for CHERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP dairy free ice cream, made with whole, frozen dark cherries, coconut cream, and dairy free chocolate chips by Enjoy Life Foods. It’s their very own, dairy free version of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia! YUM!!! #ben&jerrys #cherrygarcia #dairyfreeicecream #enjoylifefoods #summertimetreats

-2-3 cups frozen dark cherries (amount needed will depend on size of your cherries)
-1 can coconut cream or coconut milk (chilled over night)
-Oat milk
-1 cup Enjoy Life DAIRY FREE Chocolate Chips
-1 TBS vanilla extract

Use an ice cream maker (Like a Cuisinart Electric Ice-Cream Maker) with a barrel that has been frozen over-night.
In a blender, combine cherries and coconut cream or coconut milk and blend. Slowly add oat milk until mixture is completely smooth (not chunky), and then add the vanilla extract and blend more. Pour into ice cream maker (follow the instructions for your maker) and turn it on. Pour in the dairy free chocolate chips while maker is on so that the chips are distributed evenly. The ice cream is ready when it becomes stiff and thick, like the texture of ice cream. Eat or freeze immediately. Enjoy!

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