calamares | calamari recipe | fried squid | crispy calamares | garlic mayo sauce | street food | crispy calamari – In this video you will see how simple it is to prepare a super crispy calamares/calamari. It is a famous street food here which is paired with garlic mayo dip. So, are you curious now how to come up with a fried squid? Let’s check the fried calamari rings with asian style. You will love it!

As per WIKI, squid and calamari are two different beasts. Squid is cheaper and tougher; calamari is more tender and expensive. Squid is generally Nototodarus gouldi, also known as Gould’s squid, but a species named Teuthoidea is also targeted. Calamari come from the genus Sepioteuthis.

So, I hope you have learned something. That is more difficult to comprehend than how to follow the recipe. 🙂

Let’s learn together by focusing in our passion and purpose! 🙂
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