In this week’s episode of The Rasoi Project, we go to Jaipur to meet a renowned home chef – Seema Sethi, who cooks authentic Rajasthani food & hosts guests at home who are in awe of her delectable Dal Bati Churma recipe! Watch on to know her inspiring story!

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Anchor: Pallavi Batra
Creative Director: Kanishak Pal
Director: Neeraj Saini
Associate Director: Pavan Rawat
Producer: Neha Verma
Screenplay: Neha Verma
Editor: Manbodh Panwar
Director of Photography: Vikram Stephen
Second DOP: Ashish Paul
Sound: Akash
Makeup: Kashish – DIVINE, Jaipur
Production Assistant: Bicky
Produced by: EatTreat

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More about Seema Sethi & her authentic Rajasthani food:
Seema Sethi, mother of 3, runs her blog Planet Kitchen, and started cooking Rajasthani food out of her love for cooking. She is a renowned home chef in Jaipur and now curates “pop-up meals” at home for people to enjoy through Authenticook. Driven by her love for food she has created a space for foodies in Jaipur. Her food is loved by foreigners, Indians and locals alike! She is the perfect host and her spicy local Rajasthani food items like Gatte Ki Sabzi & Dal Bati Churma are well known. She also offers cooking classes where she teaches people more about Rajasthani food and her secret Dal Bati Churma recipe & Gatte ki Sabzi recipe. Know more about her here:

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More about The Rasoi Project:
EatTreat brings to you an exclusive series – The Rasoi Project – a weekly YouTube series, where we visit hidden master chefs around us; moms, grand moms, refugees, or that boy next door who’s cooking up a storm and making a difference to the society with his cooking skills! The Rasoi Project tells extraordinary (food) stories of those not-so-ordinary people we see every day around us.

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