Easy steamed prawns recipe for garlic lovers. This steamed prawns with garlic dish is a quick dish anyone would be able to whip up without any fuss. Best served with rice.


Cooking an array of dishes for a meal catering to a group of people can be very tedious. Hence, I like to prepare quick and simple dishes during such occasions. Due to the simplicity of the dish, you can certainly rely on it as a quick after work recipe too.

Using fresh prawns for this dish would be the best option but frozen prawns would also do the trick. All you need for this recipe is a whole load of garlic. To some, garlic may be extremely offensive but to garlic lovers like me, I am sure we all agree that besides having an amazing flavour, it also contains great health benefits and medicinal values. Besides being highly nutritious, it is also very low in calories. Hurrah to that! Together with the taste and aroma of the sauces that are added to the dish, the burst of flavours that explodes in the mouth is exceptionally delightful.

If you do not like to have rice with the prawns, you may opt to steam some glass noodles together to create a quick “one pot meal”.

In this recipe, I fried some of the minced garlic to be mixed with the fresh minced garlic. It is important to be careful when frying the minced garlic as burnt garlic would cause this dish to be bitter. The steaming process should not be too long or the prawns would turned out to be tough. Otherwise, this dish is definitely an easy and excellent choice for a meal.

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