Milk Cake, or Alwar Ka Mawa is an Indian Mithai Recipe, popular across India, loved by all. This Milk Based Sweet is made by Halwais or Sweet Makers by boiling the milk continuously until it reduces to half, after which an acid is added to form grains, and reduced further with sugar till it forms a dough like consistency. Later transferred into insulated boxes so that the sugar caramelizes in the center making two colors – White and Brown.

This two layer Indian Sweet is also called Ajmer ka Mawa Mithai and Kalakand, made first by Baba Thakur Das & Sons in Alwar, Rajasthan. Make this for Diwali this time, and enjoy homemade sweets without adulteration.

Milk – 3 liters
Lemon Juice – 1/2 tsp OR Alum – 1/8 tsp
Sugar – 450g
Ghee – 80g
Oil – to deep fry
Pistachio – to decorate

Note: Best Served Fresh. Stays well for 7 days in an airtight box
Alum Powder is easily available offline

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