Harry Potter Professor Sprouts Fungus Field Trip Edible Activity Set – This is the next set that I had in my collection of the Harry Potter Candy Sets. There is one missing set called the Harry Potter Professor Cast A Spell Candy Maker. Once I get that set, I will be able to complete the series of candy makers. This one was a hit & miss and I though overall it was fun making the three different recipes. They worked, but not as good as if this fresh and new! I still like to show these older candy sets and even though they may not work exactly like they originally intended. it is still part of history and I like documenting on video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Harry Potter Professor Sprout’s Fungus Field Trip Edible Activity Set

Herbology mix #1 – Wiggly “Bugs ‘N’ Slugs”
Herbology mix #2 – Enchanted Chocolate “Mushroom”
Herbology mix #3 – Sludgy Pond “Slime”

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