This No-Bake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake is one of the best no-bake cheesecakes ever and it’s very easy to prepare. The raspberry heart shapes on top makes it ideal for Valentine’s Day but is perfect for any other occasion as well.

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Makes about 10 servings

7 oz (200g) oreo cookies
4 tbsp (60g) butter, melted

Raspberry Coulis
1 1/2 cups (150g) raspberries, fresh or frozen
1/4 cup (50g) sugar
1 tbsp (15ml) lemon juice
1 tsp (2g) cornstarch

Cream Cheese Filling
7 oz (200g) white chocolate, small pieces
4 tbsp (60g) whipping cream
1 pound (500g) cream cheese, room temperature
1/4 cup (30g) powdered sugar
Lemon zest of a lemon
2 tsp (10g) vanilla extract
1 cup (240g) whipping cream (35% fat), chilled

1. Prepare the raspberry coulis. In a small saucepan, whisk together suga,cornstarch and lemon juice. Add raspberries and bring to a boil over medium-low heat, stirring constantly. Simmer for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Sieve the sauce to remove seeds and set aside to cool down until ready to use.

2. Prepare the crust. Place the oreo cookies into the bowl of a food processor and crush until crumbs form. Add melted butter and process until evenly moistened.

3. Press the mixture into the bottom of a greased 8 inch (20 cm) springform pan using the back of a spoon. Refrigerate until the filling is prepared.

4. Prepare the filling. Place white chocolate and the 4 tbsp of cream into a heatproof bowl and place over a pan with simmering water. Melt over low heat.

5. In a large bowl mix cream cheese until smooth. Add powdered sugar, lemon zest and vanilla extract and mix to combine. Mix in melted chocolate and set aside.

6. In another bowl mix whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Gently fold the whipped cream into the white chocolate and cream cheese mixture.

7. Pour the filling over the prepared crust, use an offset spatula to spread it evenly.

8. Place the raspberry coulis into a piping bag fitted with a plain small tip and pipe small circles in a swirl pattern on the top of the cheesecake.

9. Use a toothpick and run it into the center of each circle to create heart shapes.

10. Cover and refrigerate the cheesecake for at least 4 hours or better overnight.

11. Serve with more raspberry coulis alongside. Enjoy!

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