These Quick Desserts recipes are the perfect companion to those with a sweet tooth. These recipes are for those times when sudden cravings hit you and you want to dig into something sweet immediately. All the recipes I have shared in this video are Indian desserts and can be made within minutes.

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Instant Jalebi: 00:08
Instant Coconut Ladoo: 04:00
Instant Milk Powder Burfi: 05:29
Fruit Custard: 08:44

Jalebi is a dessert that requires a lot of effort when made the traditional way. But today, we’ll look at how we can make it quickly with less fuss but still retain the same taste. You’ll realise, by the end of this video, that make Instant Jalebi is probably one of the easiest ways to make it.

Who doesn’t love Coconut Ladoos? They’re soft, succulent, and are amazingly delicious. The traditional recipe requires a lot of time and patience as we need to cook the desiccated coconut with milk for a very long time. In the Quick Coconut Ladoo recipe, however, you avoid all that as you’ll be using condensed milk.

Milk Powder Burfi is my personal favourite as it’s an Instant Burfi recipe and takes just a few minutes to make. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and cook them till it forms a consistency thick enough to set into a burfi. A quick burfi recipe like this should be with everyone.

We all loved Fruit Custard as kids. The delicate sweetness of milk flavoured with custard powder along with the goodness of fruits is unforgettable. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s time we make it once again and relive the childhood.

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