Super tasty and authentic: Rajasthani Karara!
Have you been to those days when your fridge is robbed off of vegetables? I mean no vegetables available to cook in the fridge as it might have slipped from your mind to buy them. It sure can happen to anyone. For those days why worry there is a great authentic Rajasthani Karara recipe to enjoy with meals. Rajasthani karara is also known as Rajasthani Ghasela which is nothing but a mixture of Gram flour and basic spices. It is super easy to cook and takes very less time to prepare. So why don’t you try out a new recipe of Rajasthani Karara step by step described from us. It is a patent dish in the homes of Rajasthan which is made in gravy of tangy buttermilk. It is such a great joyous recipe that can be eaten with pooris, chapattis and even rice. Try this super simple recipe at home win over hearts. So let’s begin!
Prep time: 15mins
Cook time: 10-15mins
Serves: 2people

1. Butter milk: 1litre
2. Besan/Gram flour: 150gms
3. Fresh coriander: 1bowl(chopped for garnish)
4. Salt: as per taste
5. Red chili powder
6. Turmeric
7. Coriander powder
8. Cumin seeds
9. Asafetida
10. Oil


Step 1: Making the besan mixture

In a plate put the besan in and put 1tbs turmeric, 1tbs red chili powder, 1tbs coriander powder, and salt as per taste and mix everything well.

Now lightly and gradually sprinkle water with hands and knead the besan so that it becomes course and small droplets like shapes are formed. Make sure not to put so much of water as we do not need the besan to be lumpy only small droplets and not even too big.

Settle the droplets made to one side of the plate and keep aside.

Step 2: Frying up the besan

In a medium kadhai put 4-5tbs of oil and put a little cumin seeds in and when the seeds are brown put the besan droplets in and fry a little for 2-3mins. When the droplets are fried put the rest of the besan in and fry them as well.

Step 3: Making the masala

Now put the kadhai on gas and pour 2 big spoonful of oil and heat up. And now in a small bowl put 2tbs of coriander powder, 1tbs of red chili powder, 1 ½ tbs of salt and 1tbs of turmeric and make a solution with a little water.

Now put 1tbs of cumin seeds and a pinch of asafetida in the oil and fry it. Now pour the water mixture and fry it as well.

When the masala starts to separate oil put the fried besan in and mix well and fry a little. Put the butter milk and mix well.
When it starts to boil cover with lid but not entirely and cook on low flame.

Stir with a ladle and check if it’s cooked well or not. If it has thickened and karara doesn’t separate water then the food is ready.

Serve hot with a little fresh coriander garnishing!

1. The besan need to be needed so tiny droplets is made. It shouldn’t be lumpy.
2. The besan droplets needs to fried first and then the powdered one. They should not be fried together otherwise powder will burn off.
3. The karara should be stirred continuously so it cooks well.

Everyone likes yummy and authentic food and when it’s the yummy and authentic Karara recipe to eat it is heavenly. Trying out new food is everyone’s choice and making this yummy karara is not a great task all it needs is a little precision and patience. Make this yummy dish at home and enjoy the world of Rajasthan on your taste buds. So happy cooking!




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