Tropical Smoothie Recipes – Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies BOOK (Thank You for your support!)

Book full of smoothie recipes !!
Smoothies that are healthy and easy to make!

This smoothie book has FULL-COLOR IMAGES of fruits and vegetables smoothies

Fruits and vegetables smoothies that will satisfy your thirst as well as nourish your body.

Smoothie is a fun alternative way of eating fruits and vegetables, one or the other, or both combined, minus the struggle! While eating raw fruits and vegetables can be a real challenge to most people, slurping down a cooling delicious flavorful smoothie down your throat most likely won’t even have a slight bit of struggle. Who doesn’t like smoothie? Not many, I presume.


Tropical Smoothie Recipes – Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies BOOK (Thank You for your support!)


What is included in this smoothie recipe book:

Fruits and vegetables smoothies recipes including green smoothie recipe with three different smoothie recipe variations.

Several different tropical smoothie recipes and fruit smoothie recipes including:

*** strawberry banana smoothie
*** yellow fruit smoothies
*** banana smoothie with other fruits
*** avocado smoothie
*** smoothies with pineapple
*** mango smoothie
*** peach smoothie recipe
*** smoothie recipes with yogurt
*** and a lot more healthy smoothie recipes

Time to put your blender to great use.

Tropical Smoothie Recipes BOOK (Thank You for your support!)

to get easy access to some mouthwatering, flavorful smoothie recipes!

It is time to make some delicious smoothies!


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