In the zucchini season, be sure to prepare a zucchini snack without a drop of oil.
This is an incredible yummy from zucchini, which will appeal to both adults and children.
Preparing such a recipe from zucchini is very simple and easy.

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▶️Decorate cakes ➫
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▶️ Canapés ➫
▶️ Bouquet ➫
▶️ Cake for the girls ➫

zucchini – 800 g
breadcrumbs – 150 g
eggs – 3 pcs.
cheese – 80 g
flour – 50 g
salt to taste
Italian herbs – 1 tsp
sweet paprika – 1 tsp.
dried garlic – 1 tsp.
mayonnaise -100 g
dried garlic – 1/2 tsp
dill – a bunch
ground black pepper – to taste

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