Nino’s Home video that inspired me:

hi everyone 🙂 made ube, vanilla, and chocolate filled donuts.

first of all, i was meaning to shoot a successful attempt at making these but the odds weren’t on my favour that day so here is the result. needless to say, i tried my hardest because i wanted to make Nino’s Home proud but apologies. hope you still enjoy watching! like and subscribe 🙂

this experience reminded me of when i tried to make baked potato by putting a potato and onion (uncooked/unboiled) in the oven for 30 minutes expecting it to turn into actual food. let me know in the comments below what was one thing you tried to make that didn’t quite go as well as you hoped.

camera: my phone- samsung s10e
age: 23 yo
country: new zealand
origin: philippines
music: youtube audiolibrary (i had to reupload this vid 3x cos ‘no copyright music’ failed me)



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