5 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Radiant Skin, Shiny hair, Strong Immunity and Healthy Body at Home | Lose Weight with these Healthy Smoothies that can be used as meal replacement shakes and are super easy to make with only 5 Ingredients available at any grocery store near you! पांच आसान स्मूथी रेसिपीज वजन कम करने के लिए घर पे सिर्फ पांच चीज़ो से |

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All you need is some fresh fruit, some yogurt, milk and honey/any sweetener. Let us know in the comments section which smoothie you liked the most. We loved the “Sunny Side Up” and the “Beet The Heat” the most! Whenever we decide to make healthy breakfast smoothies/drinks, most of us face an issue of buying fruits that are either seasonal, or are super expensive. But with this recipe, you are sorted!


Beetroot : 1 Cup
Mangoes : 1 Cup
Jamuns (Seedless) : 1 Cup
Spinach : 1 Handful
Chocolate Protein Powder
Bananas : 4-5
Milk (Low fat)
Mango, Plain, Raspberry, Strawberry Yogurts (You can also use home-made flavorless yogurt/dahi to healthify it more)
Honey/Maple Syrup (Any Sweetener of your choice)

DISCLAIMER: Do consult your physician/dietician before you replace your meals with these smoothies. Every body type is different, hence, everyone may not lose weight the same way but these smoothies will definitely give you good results in terms of weight loss if supplemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise ! (C’mon guys, itna toh kara padega!)

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