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Welcome to my Channel

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The views of the host of this channel are radical, Word of faith, Messianic and therefore, may be controversial to some subscribers and viewers. Please note that this channel is here for information, entertainment, pleasant discussion and never debate.

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In 2008, I began this channel. It was based on helping people who had been abused by narcissists. My own experience with a former narcissistic mentor as well as my education enabled me to reach out to help people who were abused by people with severe personality disorders. Know that you are not alone, we believe you and there is hope.
My channel uses the full-gospel approach of memorizing scriptures and applying them in faith to your life so that you can have life MORE ABUNDANTLY as promised!
No foul language, perverted and inappropriate talk or text and no violent talk or behavior is permitted here.

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How to Move On After Narcissistic Abuse: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9WRp/splash

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Welcome to my Channel