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Rich, soft spongy texture along with the light crunch of almond bits, this foolproof recipe could just be the stepping stone to get your inner baker started!

Suji, also known as Semolina, is a type of granulated wheat commonly used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Although not as fine as cake flour, it forms that slight crunchy layer on the top and bottom while keeping the cake moist and fluffy within. Using both Semolina and plain flour together, gets you a lighter texture while retaining that rich moisture within. All you need is a few ingredients, mix it into a batter and in it goes, into the oven. And within just 30 minutes, you get that satisfying orange crust.

Apart from that distinctly different texture from other cakes made with just plain flour, what makes Suji cake so unique is its simplicity. With excessive toppings, it loses that peculiar rich heartiness. Instead of the baking the almond bits on the top, just a simple layer of white butter icing is enough to add that impressive finishing touch to this sweet treat. Appease your sweet tooth with deliciously effortless recipe in just an hour!

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