Jan 23, 2010 Fred’s Music & Tasty Licks BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pa. welcomes Warren Prince (known as “unconundrum” on many web baking and cooking forums) for an Artisan Bread Master Baking demo class …baking on our grills! Warren has a wealth of knowledge and shared some of his secrets and techniques with us. We had over 40 attendees from 5 states including a couple of professional chefs and even the owner of another music store! …. and everybody had a great time. We watched, we listened, we even took notes ..and then we tasted his amazing bread. Challah with raisans, Whole wheat, Olive bread, and more … yum…. and the staff of Fred’s cooked some great “Better than cauliflour” (see our video on how to make it) seasoned with Tasty Licks BBQ “Tree Hugger” Veggie Seasoning. See the rest of our videos at http://www.fredsmusicandbbq.com !



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