I am starting a new series of videos based upon the questions or comments I have received either privately or in the comments section. Each of these videos will be targeted to answering that question or issue in short, less than 3 minutes video. I am hoping that these videos can be used as a Frequently Asked Question about the Atkins Diet or Low Carb in general.

In this video, I deal with a question I receive often. How do I start or restart the diet? I come up with three specific recommendations:
1.) Get the junk out of your house. There is no reason to start with cravings staring you in the face.

2.) Get and read the book. The book I mean is either the low carb book of choice or Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (2002).

3.) Hit the low carb recipe sites, like Linda’s Low Carb, and browse the Induction friendly recipes. Make a menu for the week and go shopping.

The last half of this viewer’s question was how long to do the diet. I somewhat answered this already in the last video, but my answer is always “forever. There is no “after” on the Atkins Diet.”

I hope you like this series of upcoming videos.
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