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I get asked or see many questions about how often one should weight themselves. The answer really depends on the person’s mentality. I have seen many people who get extremely upset over the non-linear nature of the daily weight loss. There are many bounces in both directions up and down, but the long term direction should always be down. For these people I’d recommend weekly. The negative about weekly / monthly weighing is:
* potential cram mentality (lax 5 days, and the extreme focus for 1 or 2 days); best to be consistently motivated

For myself, I used every day weighing, but fully admit that bad days could lead to negative feelings, depression, and for some greater likelihood to cheat. I appreciated that every day I was gauged and often validated in my low carb lifestyle.

In either case, I recommend measuring oneself to track where losses might be in concrete terms (looser clothes are easy to discount and miss). One’s measurements can also help determine one’s body fat percentage and prove fat loss even when the scale do not record all the changes.

Which one are you?
* Daily weigher — I make sure I don’t freak out at the slightest bounce, I like the daily affirmation and positive reinforcement
* Infrequent (Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly ) weigher — the daily bounces are of no concern to me, I am only interested in the long term weight loss
* I don’t weigh myself anymore, I trust my clothes, athletic performance, or measurements instead
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