After doing the Atkins diet phase 1 for 1 month, I will be sharing how I’ve been doing. Plus, I will be giving you some tips for getting started!

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Hi! My name is Lori. I started the Atkins diet, and realized there was not alot of information to be found. As I began my journey, I started making videos to document my progress, as well as help others starting out doing Atkins. I answer questions, share what I have learned, and share my journey with you. If this is interesting to you, please subscribe to the channel and turn on all notifications so that you stay up to date. Join the Journey!


This is my personal experience and may not be for everyone. I share what worked for me, and it may not work the same for you. Please do your own research before doing what I recommend or share in my videos. Please seek medical advice, as I am not a professional. Thank you.



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