Pancakes. For our family (and I think we are not the only one!) pancakes are a Sunday morning tradition. My husband is not working on Sunday and he’s the pancakes chef (he’s terribly good at making them). Our little Luca loves them and he prepares them with daddy and that makes pancakes even more fun 🙂
My husband taught me how to cook pancakes, the “bubble” trick when to flip them and the “double pan” trick too. Today I will share with you my pancakes experience and a special recipe: pancakes for babies under 12 months.
The perfect pancake is fluffy and airy, lightly sweet but not too much. After trying different mixes, adding this ingredient and reducing this other one…and after testing different solutions, we ended up with a recipe that we are confident sharing with you. It’s perfect for babies under 12 months (no eggs, no sugar, no milk) and it’s perfect for the rest of the family too. The final result is fluffy and airy, lightly sweet but not too much…a win win situation!
Considering the ingredients the recipe can also be categorized as vegan!!

A perfect match for pancakes is maple syrup (the real one!). But for babies what about a nice homemade apple sauce? We decided to prepare that too!!
here you are the link:

If you are interested in the ingredients’ list, please have a look at:

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See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!



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