They said it couldn’t be done. Here is a video demonstration and recipe for easy quick succulent Barbecued Chicken, made in the Microwave Oven. It’s moist delicious with a beautiful flavour and a bonus of some outstanding stock for use as a gravy or another dish requiring flavoursome stock. We hope you give it a try and don’t tell them its microwaved because they’ll never guess.
1.6 kilogram free range organic chicken
50 grams ketchup or tomato sauce
40 grams soy sauce.

Dry your chicken, place in a microwave safe bowl and brush with combined soy sauce ketchup baste, place into microwave on full power and cook until done basting regularly with more of the baste. Cease basting 10 minutes prior to the end of cooking time to prevent cross contamination of fresh and raw chicken juices. Any time between 20-35 minutes and it should be cooked depending on the temperature of the chicken at the start and the power/wattage of your microwave. To test flesh pierced at the thickest part should have clear running juices and when lifted the juices from the cavity contain no raw blood coloured juices. Never eat undercooked chicken as it may make you sick.

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