Who doesn’t like a Pecan Tart?! My pecan tart really accentuates the pecan flavour by using both chopped pecans and whole pecans. Try it – you won’t regret it.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Shortcrust Pastry
1:44 Filling (syrup)

★Shortcrust Pastry★ (16cm diameter x 2cm height)
Butter 108g
Powdered Sugar 66g
Egg Yolk 18g
Cake flour 168g
Almond powder 24g

Please take a look at the shortcrust pastry video that I have posted before. Here’s the link!

★Filling (syrup)★
Butter: 32g
Corn syrup: 30g
Brown sugar (or light brown sugar): 40g
Eggs: 50g
Salt: a pinch
Chopped pecans 55g
Whole pecans 80g

1. Add butter, corn syrup, brown sugar, salt into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Mix in the chopped pecans.
2. Let it cool down to around 60°C and add in the eggs and mix well.
3. Pour it into the shortcrust pastry and lay out the whole pecans on top (nicely!)
4. Bake at 160°C for 30mins.

★Mirror glaze★
For the mirror glaze I used Absolu Cristal(Valhrona). I usually add 10% water (e.g. 100g Absolu Cristal and 10g water) and put it in the microwave until it boils. Do mix it well before using it.

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Hi! I’m Hanbit, professional pastry chef and CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. Funny enough, my background had nothing to do with baking – far from it. I studied mathematics at university and then worked in finance, strategy consulting and IT. Then one day in 2018, I quit my job and enrolled at a pastry school. I have loved it ever since!

As my story suggests, I really enjoy being a pastry chef and I am keen to share the joy of baking with as many people as possible. Baking can seem daunting at first but as long as you take it step-by-step anyone can do it – even someone with no baking background like myself managed to become a professional pastry chef!

I’ll try my best to include detailed explanations and tips in my recipes so that you will be able to bake amazing desserts. I aim to create videos that can be enjoyed by people at all levels – those who bake for fun as well as those who want to get more serious.


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