If you’re just popping your frozen pizza out of the box and tossing it in the oven using the cooking instructions, then it’s not exactly like the pizza will come out bad. But the truth of the matter is that it could be better. A little bit of additional effort can go a long way toward making a desperation meal into a lovely dinner.

So what steps can help? Doing a little additional preparation with the toppings and cheese, changing up your cooking method, and using a little more patience overall can really make a difference. Avoid these big mistakes everyone makes with frozen pizza.

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Not rearranging toppings | 0:00
Baking at the suggested temperature | 0:55
Cutting the pizza too soon | 1:30
Not using a pizza stone | 2:11
Adding extra cheese incorrectly | 2:53
Not prepping extra veggies | 3:26
Skipping adding herbs | 4:00
Baking rather than grilling | 4:38

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