Winter season is not only about warm clothes and Thanksgiving but it is also the season of baking. To get the full essence of the year ending let’s prepare quick and easy bread pudding.
The recipe of bread pudding differs from one country to another. The basic ingredient bread remaining the same it is the other ingredients that give the extra flavour which happens to differs. We will big showing the traditional Belgian style bread pudding recipe but in a simpler manner.

6-8 slice bread
2 eggs
5tbsp butter
2cups of full fat milk
3tbsp milk powder
1/2cup + 2tbsp powdered sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1-2tsp cinnamon powder

Prepared by- Indrani Bhattacharya
Edited by- Indrani Bhattacharya


Music credit-
Music: Santa Claus Is Here
Musician: Diego Nava


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