BREAD PUDDING – It’s one of the easiest and yummiest dessert recipe with very few ingredients. Caramel bread pudding recipe without oven / Steamed bread pudding
Easy and Delicious way to use any “LEFTOVER SLICES OF BREAD”
– Bread slices 8 slices
– Sugar ¾ cup
– Eggs 2no’s
– Ghee 3tbsp
(Can use butter also)
– Vanilla extract 1tsp
– Cardamom powder 1tsp
– Milk 250ml

For Caramel:
– Sugar ½ cup
– Water 2 tbsp.

• Caramelizing sugar will give it a nice golden and glossy look on top. But if you don’t want just skip that step and adding extra 2 tbsp. of sugar on that bread mixture.
• If you like giggly / silky texture just do it with [2:1 ratio] 6 Bread Slices : 3 Eggs
• If you add more bread the pudding will be denser.
• If you’re using milk bread or white bread adjust the sweetness based on your taste.

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