This video provides details about full day diet of kidney patients.
kidney patient should eat a healthy diet in Breakfast,lunch and dinner.

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This video is uploaded for the #kidneyfailure patients where Dr. Puru Dhawan is providing the basic diet chart for kidney failure patients. A healthy and proper diet is very important for kidney failure patient. Dr. Puru Dhawan advice the patients to follow proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine which improves the individual lifestyle better and kidney levels too. Diet is always important in controlling the #creatinine level and potassium level in the human body of #kidneypatients. An Individual has to follow some basic diet chart on a regular basis.

Patients can take breakfast made from wheat like :
1. Broken wheat (Daia)
2.Semolina (Suji)
both can be taken with vegetables and vegetable should be low in potassium. Rooty and leafy vegetables should strictly be avoided. Eat low potassium vegetables such as Brinjal, Ladyfinger, Bottle gourd, Round gourd, Peas, Parwal, karela, and Tomato. The patient can also take paratha in their breakfast. Paratha should be stuffed with low potassium vegetable but with leaching only (salt intake should also be less).

vegetable and chapati (quantity should not be restricted)

dinner should be similar to lunch diet as protein diet should be avoided (protein diet can be taken on prescription only as a protein diet is important for the human body).
protein that can be taken are :
1. 1 bowl of split Moong daal only (with prescription only)
2. 2 egg whites (with prescription only)



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