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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA – This is one of the largest southernmost cities in India, and it’s a city of so much character, great people, and delicious food. I loved the relaxed feel of the city, the vibrant spices, and varieties of dosa, and the amazing chicken curry jacuzzi. For this Indian food tour, we started in the evening the first night, and continued onto the next day with more meals and more delicious food.

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Kerala Traditional Restaurant – We pulled up in the van to a Kerala Traditional Restaurant, just outside of Thiruvananthapuram, and they were about to make one final pan of their famous huge pan of country chicken curry. It was absolutely stunning to watch them make an entire pan of curry from the start. The flavor was unbelievably tasty. I loved this restaurant, the owner, and the delicious spices and flavors. 790 INR ($11.01) – Total price for 6 people

Meat curry and dosa – Next up on this Indian food tour of Thiruvananthapuram, we continued the next evening, with mutton curry and dosa – but a different style of dosa from what I normally think of. 720 INR ($10.04) – Total price for everything

Irani Fast Food and Catering – Kerala Paratha – One of the foods you have to eat in Kerala is the combination of beef fry or curry and Kerala paratha. Irani Fast Food and Catering is an amazing street food van, where you’ll get to eat one of the fluffiest and crunchiest parathas I’ve ever had. The texture was outstanding. 90 INR ($1.25) – Price per plate

Vadas and curries – Next we went to a street food stall to eat a variety of vadas, with chutneys and eggs. It was delicious. 40 INR ($0.55) – Price per plate

Omelet varieties – Finally to end this ultimate Indian street food tour of Thiruvananthapuram, Ebbin took us to eat a few different types of omelets. 60 INR ($0.83) – Price per omelet

Again, I loved the relaxed feel and laid-backness of Thiruvananthapuram, and the incredibly tasty food!

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