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I used these chocolate melts:

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Coconut chocolate truffles
(makes 16)

Ingredients :
2 Cups Designated oconut
3/4 cup condensed milk
3 Tbsp ground pistachio
4 Tbsp ground almonds
Chocolate melts
White chocolate melts

Mix designated coconut with condensed milk gradually, ground pistachios and ground almonds and form dough like consistency. For square chocolates: Set in try lined with a butter paper. Level the filling in a an 1 1/2 inch thickness. Place almonds, one per square. Make light marks of squares and put in freezer for 40 minutes. After freezes cut the squares and remove from butter paper. Melt chocolate melts 30 seconds in micro then mix and melt again for 30 seconds and keep repeating till smooth chocolate. Do not over heat or else chocolate will not spread. Dip squares and leave on butter paper till it hardens. Decorate with white chocolate as desired. For round truffles: Make rounds and place an almond in between. Coat with tempered chocolate. Those who do not like chocolate can eat without coating aswell.

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