This video provides you with some simple,easy to prep as well the healthy finger food ideas that will make it to feed your toddler easier way.and your littleone’s will surely love to eat these food on their own..
Starting your baby on finger foods can be exciting and challenging.
this video will give you a guide how to cut the fruits, and vegetables also,how to prepare finger food for babies and toddler’s
Start Baby led weaning is from 6 months onwards.
the food will have to be either chopped into small pieces or cut into strips.⚠️
*To offer your baby a selection of nutritious finger food that suitable for his/her age.
and make sure your littleones sitting at 90 degree
*Choking can happen all the time guardian should be aware always
* No sugar/salt below 1 year old
* No honey below 1 year old

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