I love making a good hearty meal to fuel me all day long!
Recipes —-
Omelette/Scrambled Eggs:
Olive Oil, Eggs, Spinach, Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, Colby and Pepperjack cheese, Salsa, Garlic+Parsley Powder, Ham, Hashbrowns, Sourdough bread.
Add oil to pan at low-med heat. The key with Omelettes is low and slow. Allow the eggs to cook along the bottom slowly, putting your toppings on one half. Use the spatula to lift up the sides as it cooks, this way it is easier to fold later. When it’s almost cooked thru, tilt the pan and fold it over. Tada!
With scrambled eggs, I am constantly moving the eggs around to get that light and fluffy consistency. I made a hashbrown in the air fryer and then mashed it into my pan. I toasted some sourdough bread and added the eggs on top. I call it my brekkie toast!

Caesar salad:
Romaine, Spinach, Caesar dressing, Sourdough bread, Olive oil, garlic powder, chicken (or any meatless substitute such as tofu, beans, etc)
Cut up all your ingredients and toss! Toast your pre-olive oiled bread in the oven until desired crispy-ness

Pizza Bagels:
Bagels, mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, olive oil.
Grab your favorite bagels, slice in half and spoon on your tomato sauce of choice. Use either sliced or grated cheese to cover the sauce, and add pepperonis on top. 350 Degrees in the oven at 8-10mins or longer for desired crispness.

Thank you! XOXO Sara