Learn how to make True’s lightweight organic (2.5 oz.) dehydrated homemade meal for backpacking! In this video learn how to make my recipe for Sweet Potatoe Mash w/ Apple Maple Slurry! This recipe is Nutritious and Delicious and is Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian!! Try it!

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Fashion tent stakes in the field saving you pack weight! Every ounce counts!! It is a good skill to know and it is easy! Also learn common first aid uses for White Pine. Get Outside!

Backpacking Shelter Kit that weighs 18oz! Fully Enclosed Lightweight Tarp Configuration for only $40! Good for inclement weather and/or colder temperature situations. Fully Enclosed Lightweight Tarp Configuration: Backpacking Shelter Kit that weighs 18oz!

Backpacking Camp Tips and Tricks using the Fully Enclosed Tarp Configuration Backpacking Shelter Kit (12 ft. X 12 ft. tarp): https://youtu.be/aa_DnKb-vBY

Check out my tip on how to store your cordage, guy lines and ridge lines for easy on trail quick set up and storage!

Get Outside!



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