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I’m back with another What I Eat in a Day YouTuber review and today I’m going to be about High Carb Hannah because she’s been in HIGH demand.

I love the idea of combining a smoothie with oatmeal. This is nice and balanced so I like it.

There is some evidence that taking certain vitamins and minerals with food may be easier on the stomach.

It is really important, if you’re trying to conceive a baby to take a prenatal vitamin to prevent neural defects and for the development of the baby.

I plan on making a whole video on fertility in the future based on my own experience as a fertility warrior so stay tuned for that.

Before taking any supplements, please speak with a health professional.

Salad looks amazing. I don’t know if there’s fat in the dressing. If not, it could definitely use a bit of fat. I’m also curious where all the carbs are at??

There are the energizing carbs!

I love that she has the intuition to reflect on her meals and what she’s craving right now. I would consider this a moderate protein meal and if she wanted to beef it up, she could throw in some tofu or white beans, or even nutritional yeast.

I’m not surprised that Hannah was struggling with intermittent fasting, because some research suggests that some individuals that have tried intermittent fasting, experienced decreased energy, lack of concentration, fatigue and irritability.

I would also like to add that for women that want to conceive, intermittent fasting may interfere with ovulation and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Fasting Rats study on reproduction:

What I Like About Hannah’s Diet:
She includes a wide variety of healthy foods
Her recipes are accessible and easy
She’s talking about taking her prenatal supplements

What I Don’t Like in Hannah’s Video:
Her calories are just too low
Misguidance around fertility & body fat
Lack of Omega 3-s & Vitamin D
Problematic Nutrition information

I think Hannah’s diet is pretty well balanced, and has great ideas that are accessible and also on the right track when it comes to motherhood. I do think there are a few things she can do to up her chances of conceiving, like eating enough calories and fat to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions about fertility and any YouTubers you want me to review. See you next week!