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On this episode you will learn:
* The surprising economic impact of Alzheimer’s disease compared to heart disease and cancer.
* How insulin resistance affects our brain cells.
* The 5 crucial keys to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (leaving even one out can increase your risk!).
* What specific food can make your brain 11 years younger.
* Why spices are an important part of any brain-healthy eating plan.
* Which mushroom is clinically proven to have neuroprotective effects.
* Why coffee has a bell-shaped curve of health benefits (coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers need to know this!).
* The shocking relationship between pesticides and dementia.
* Which alcoholic beverage can significantly reduce your risk of dementia and cognitive decline.
* How stress plays a role in brain health.
* What nitrosamines are and how they can damage our brains.
* How you can quickly and easily test your current brain function.
* The remarkables ways that sleep deprivation influences brain health.
* How beta amyloid (“brain plaque”) formation gets accelerated in the brain.
* Which form of exercise is most important for the brain.

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