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Recently, I met up with a friend to introduce her to the diverse world of Indian cuisine. Join me as I eat some incredible Indian food with TikTok sensation and realtor Samantha Purnell!

We’d be eating at one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Miami, Namaste. Samantha loves Indian food, but I wanted to get her to dive even deeper into the cuisine!

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I started with a Kingfisher premium lager, while Samantha enjoyed a Prosecco. Namaste Miami has a great menu that includes her favorites, butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. We were going to expand her Indian food palate!

We kicked off with garlic shrimp and chilli paneer, my favorite Indian dish in the world. It contains cubed and fried paneer, bell peppers, onions, and more, and comes in a delicious sauce that has a decent kick.

The garlic shrimp also came in a glazy sauce and came sprinkled with lots of sesame seeds. I loved the flavors and the fact that it wasn’t very spicy. I could eat seafood every day! Next were veg samosas with tamarind chutney.

The potatoes and peas inside were still hot from the fryer and the tamarind chutney added a nice, tangy sweetness. So far, the garlic shrimp were my favorites!

Next were lamb biryani, garlic naan, parathas, palak paneer, dal makhani, mango curry, and coastal lamb curry. I showed Samantha how to tear the garlic naan and eat the lamb curry. The gravy was nice and rich and contained some coconut!

The mango curry was unbelievable! The gravy in it was heavenly. Then, we tried the palak paneer with the paratha. It was so creamy, like a spinach dip with cottage cheese. The paratha was also excellent!

We went with the dal makhani next with the garlic naan. The black lentils were really nice! Then, we jumped on the king of dishes, the lamb biryani. I showed Samantha how to eat it with your hands. Mixing it with the different gravies adds new layers of flavor to the biryani!

Then, we added a bit of raita, which is a yogurt sauce that contains cucumbers and herbs. It acts as a binding agent and also helps cool down the heat from the spices. The lamb biryani was phenomenal with all of them, but especially with the sweet mango gravy.

Finally, we jumped on dessert, which is called kulfi. It’s like a cross between ice cream and sorbet. We had three flavors: dulce de leche, pistachio, and mango. We also had some gulab jamun, or doughy milk balls soaked in sugar syrup, on the side.

The gulab jamun was insanely sweet but very light. The pistachio kulfi was dense and nutty, while the mango was fantastic. Then, we had the dulce de leche, which also contained pistachio and saffron. Each one was different, flavor-wise, but so good.

The garlic shrimp were a huge favorite for both of us, along with the biryani. The mango curry was also incredible!

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