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Jessica Gebel is a natural foods chef and the founder of Fabalish, https://www.fabalish.com/, a plant-based food producer with a focus on clean, organic, and allergen-free ingredients.

Having grown up on fast food and microwave dinners, her path to clean eating came about in her early twenties when she faced a variety of health issues. It wasn’t until Jess dramatically changed her diet (after trying everything else), that she began to heal herself. She had discovered a new passion.

Dreaming of going to culinary school, Jess found the funds when she appeared on Food Network’s “Cooks vs Cons” and won the cash prize. She went on the show as an amateur chef against professionals and proved that cooking healthier can be a winner.

After attending the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC, Jess spent several years working in NYC kitchens and then as a private chef with a focus on allergen-free and plant-forward diets. This is where she developed the foods that would one day become Fabalish.

Jess is on a mission to prove that incorporating healthier, plant-based foods into your diet can be just as delightful and satisfying as any other.

Fall Falafel Bowl
Shaved roasted Brussel Sprouts
Baked Spicy Carrot Falafel
Roasted Pumpkin Wedge
Tahini Lemon Sauce
Garnished with Pomegranates and pumpkin seeds

If you are interested in investing in Fabalish: http://www.fabalish.com/WeFunderChefAJ

5 Reasons to Invest in Fabalish

Introducing ::::drum roll, please:::: our first live campaign recommendation!

Fabalish is an innovative, plant-based company currently seeking investors to scale its growing, chickpea-based product line. Here are five reasons to invest in this woman-owned, family-operated, vegan start-up:

They’re poised for success.

With rapid 4x annual growth in 2 years and 40x growth online, the company anticipates a projected revenue of $1M in 2021, after generating $233K in 2020. Their growth plan states a targeted revenue of $3M in 2023 and $12M in 2024, with continued growth.

Customers love them.

Fabilish boasts an impressive 48% customer retention rate (compared to 26-32% industry average) and 500+ 5-star customer reviews online, including Amazon & Shopify. The company’s founder, Jess Gebel, is a professionally-trained gourmet chef who earned her culinary degree at the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC, and her gastronomic talents shine through in Fabalish’s healthy, oil-free falafel veggie bites and line of dips and sauces.

They upcycle ingredients.

Complimentary product lines built upon a unique sustainability strategy minimize food waste for Fabalish. The company makes healthy, oil and allergen free falafel veggie bites and the aquafaba (or water used to soak and cook chickpeas) generated during production is the star ingredient in Fabalish’s dips and sauces. Both chickpeas and aquafaba are versatile, nutritious, and tasty and serve as earth and animal-friendly alternative to eggs, dairy, and meat.

Accessible and plant-based, but never processed.

Fabalish offers clean and healthy convenience foods that are made from simple, plant-based, and organic ingredients. Their products are minimally processed, without preservatives, fillers, chemicals, or “natural flavors.”

They want to veganize the food system.

The founder’s mission statement says it all: “Fabalish provides the stepping stones towards a healthier, plant-based diet. No matter where you are within your dietary journey, we promise to make it easier to eat better.”

With a minimum investment of just $100, this growing, plant-based food innovator is a smart selection for your vegan investing portfolio. The company’s proven track record, defined growth plan, and exit strategy make Fabalish a sound, first-time investment for Vegan Investing Club members with little to no experience in equity crowdfunding.

We hope that you will consider supporting the vegan economy by investing in Fabalish in the next 2 weeks. We are using a two week marketing push for this campaign to help us quantity the power and impact of our membership club!

Begin by watching their campaign video and exploring their campaign page to learn more about this exciting vegan start-up!



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07:27 Fabalish company and falafel discussion/Q & A
30:28 Recipe demo and discussion/Q & A – Fall Falafel Bowl
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