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The Arabian Garlic sauce – Toum is absolutely delicious and a must with your Middle eastern spread. Especially with Shawarma or Fried chicken. Toum, the word actually means Garlic! But the sauce is called Toum as well. Although it is an emulsified sauce like Mayo, You can not make it by mixing garlic with Mayo.
Here, we take a look at how to make it easily at home. This recipe DOES take some practice, but if you follow this garlic sauce recipe video, you will be making delicious toum at home! Here, we use a blender to make this awesome sauce.
AND check out -Delicious Homemade Chicken Shawarma Recipe link below https://youtu.be/44D0kPuK9EE – you don’t want to miss it!
also AL BAIK BROASTED CHICKEN RECIPE :https://youtu.be/9xRaFxLWVPw
Toum Recipe (on blog) HERE: https://www.recipesaresimple.com/middle-eastern-garlic-sauce-toom/
Please watch: “How to make Mayonnaise ( 3 METHODS ) – Perfect Homemade Mayo”



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