Today’s Recipe is my favourite sweet Milk Cream here are the ingredients & method.
1 litre of milk
100 grams of cashew nut powder
450 grams of sugar
to see hoe to prepare the milk cream please watch the video
From the above measures I used I got exactly 106 beautiful milk creams.
Points to keep in mind
• Use a heavy bottomed pan, the reason being you will be doing a lot of stirring, the liquid is molten hot, so you don’t want to use a light vessel as you don’t want anything to spill on you…
• Use a wooden spoon/ladle with a very long handle ,as the mixture bubbles a lot ,so you don’t want to burn your hands by using a spoon with a short handle, please do not use a plastic/steel spoon as they tend to heat up
• When grinding the cashews to a powder use the blitz function or else you might get a paste…which is also ok to use don’t discard the paste ,use it
• Try using clean, fresh ,white cashewnuts as you’ll get exactly what you are looking for ..beautiful Milk Cream.
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