Heavy Rice with Prawn Ol – Shrimp Pointed Gourd – Mustard Fish Curry – Eating Show.

My Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Indian-Food-Eating-Show-117505612993751

My Other Videos are given below :

Special Eating Show : https://youtu.be/RlUJep6Jkdw

Huge Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Rice with Butter Chicken : https://youtu.be/9hQYjyfmhto

Rainy Day Special | Khichdi with Egg Omelette : https://youtu.be/HQhhRRuB41k

Hill of Rice with 7 Dishes ( Veg & Non Veg ) : https://youtu.be/JdU2v1EhB28

Fried Rice Loaded with Chicken Curry : https://youtu.be/5kEmC-Ck18k

Lunch Menu – Bitter Gourd & Potato Boil : https://youtu.be/M-WypSKMC_8

Khichuri (Rice & Lentils) with Beguni (Eggplant Fry) & Omelette : https://youtu.be/PObNmmY6uqY

Today’s Lunch – Chicken Biryani & Chicken Chap : https://youtu.be/nS40HgOCIHo

Brinjal & Neem Leaf Fry – Centella Leaves Paste : https://youtu.be/1tpRr6DyFLk

Eating Show – Panta Vat (Water Rice) -Roasted Brinjal : https://youtu.be/vj4Q-yg2BP0

Huge Rice with Fish Curry | Malabar spinach with Fish Head : https://youtu.be/BRDvgZBxTOs

Record Breaking Rice : https://youtu.be/0c0M5WzW1bk

Lunch Menu – Bitter Gourd & Potato Boil : https://youtu.be/M-WypSKMC_8

Lunch with Tel Koi Fish & My Favorite Lots of Rice : https://youtu.be/VqJo_PCiSls

Lunch Big Rice with Spicy Hilsa Fish Boil : https://youtu.be/x-qrGrc6-yk

Huge Rice Eating Challenge : https://youtu.be/4NIx-KMDr6w



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