Our next episode of Eat Right, Eat InSeason features a restaurant-favourite, squid cooked by Chefs Ranjan & Bigam from The Marina, Chennai!

Squid belong to the same class of organisms as octopuses and cuttlefish that release ink when threatened. Also known as calamari, they are popularly consumed in most cultures across the world.

Most squid don’t live beyond two years and spawn only once. India’s coasts have about 8 species of squids that breed between August-September and December-January. So, eat squid when they’re InSeason and not when they are breeding to ensure that there is a healthy population of squid.

Make the sustainable choice: buy them when they’re InSeason, and help sustain squid in the oceans! This recipe shows you how to cook your cherished bar snack at home.

For more information on fish and seafood seasonality, visit www.inseasonfish.com

Season 2; Episode 3 – Honey Garlic Calamari by Marina