Home Health Low Cholesterol How to Cook Sinabawang Tahong?/Ginisang tahong sa Kamatis/Sinabawang tahong sa Pechay/Tahong Recipe.

How to Cook Sinabawang Tahong?/Ginisang tahong sa Kamatis/Sinabawang tahong sa Pechay/Tahong Recipe.



Garlic Butter Shrimp

SinabawangTahong Recipe

3kilo na Fresh na Tahong
1Buong Bawang
4pcs Sibuyas
8pcs Kamatis
8pcs Siling Haba
Pechay(pwedeng marami )
1tbsp Paminta
1tbsp Asin(pwedeng dagdagan pag kulang sa alat)
2tbsp Mantika

1. Maglagay ng Mantika sa mainit na kaldero
Igisa ang Luya

2.Ilagay at igisa ang Bawang at Sibuyas
Ilagay ang Kamatis .Lutuin at Haluing mabuti……

3.Ilagay ang Fresh n fresh na tahong
haluing mabuti…….

4. lagyan ng 1.5liters na tubig
Ilagay ang siling Haba at ang asin..

5.Haluing mabuti.
Takpan ng Takip at pakuluan hanggang
15 minutes.

6.pagkakulo buksan at lagyan ng Paminta
Ilagay na ang Gulay na Pechay
Takpan muli ito hanggang 5minuto.

7.Haluing Mabuti at Luto na pwede nang Iserve…..

Pechay Benefits👇
☑️A serving of pechay contains:
Potassium for muscle control,blood pressure regulation, and hypertension prevention
☑️Vitamin A for promoting growth,reproduction,and the improvement of vision
☑️Phosphorus for bone formation,digestion, excretion, and hormonal balance
☑️zinc for improving the immune system against infection and even cancer
☑️iron which helps carry oxygen in the blood
☑️magnesium for body’s detoxification
☑️vitamin c for Glowing skin
☑️calcium for strong bones
☑️Thiamin, Vitamin B-6 and foliate for better functioning heart , muscles, and body nervous system

Studies show that people who consume mussels have lower risks of suffering from arthritis.Besides, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, these foods are used in medications for treating certain types of joint problems ..
An excellent source of iodine, mussels are beneficial for natural production of tyroid hormones, thereby contributing to the basic metabolic rate and helping body in burning calories effectively.
The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in mussels is valuable for lowering cholesterol;thus maintaining the health of the heart.
Consumption of mussels also helps in improving the fertility and viscosity of seminal fluid in men and it increases cervical mucus in women
Mussels are highly effective in improving nerve cell functioning, resulting in enhanced muscle, organ and tissue stimulation.




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