Jaime Black interviews nurse and fitness coach Michelle Noureia about her work with Type 2 Diabetes

Jaime Black is an LA based Musician, Tarot Reader, Martial Artist, Educator, Ritualist, and Empowerment Activator. She is also the host and creatrix of the Silverlake Priestess Podcast where she interviews inspired beings making a difference in the world with their Sacred Purpose, especially those doing Spirit driven work..

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Michelle is a wife and a mom. She has been a wound care nurse for more than 12 years. During this time she has had a lot of experience working with type 2 diabetic patients. She is also a personal trainer and health coach.

“One thing that has become evident to me over many years is that medication does not help eliminate type 2 diabetes, it actually makes it worse. The truth is that you can’t use drugs to cure a dietary disease. We have been giving the wrong advice to patients that type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease. This is not true.
After my mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes eight years ago, I decided I needed to do something about this. I have seen what diabetes does to the body and could not imagine my mom going through that. I am happy to say that after extensive research, I was able to help my mom reverse her type 2 diabetes and get off her medications. For years, I have continued to help many of my clients and patients achieve the same goals.”

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