Here’s an easy recipe to make Marzipan ( with Almonds) . This was a previous recipe for Marzipan sweets made during Christmas. You can use the same recipe to make the Marzipan and then use moulds if you have or shape the marzipan in little mini eggs or cookies.

Recipe for Marzipan

Ingredients :
250 GMs Almonds
250 GMs powdered Sugar
1 egg white
Almond essence
Food colour as required. Liquid ones are better.
Rose water as needed.
Moulds or cutters to shape as required.

How to:
Blanch the Almonds as shown in the video.
Make the almond paste. But don’t over grind the hell out of the Almonds. Just blast paste it. Halka jhatka dedo.
In a nonstick or thick pan , preferably wide too. Take the almond paste, add sugar and keep stirring on low to medium heat.
Add the egg white and then the almond essence.
Keep stirring n cooking till it starts coming together.
Once it starts leaving the sides of the pan and feels like it will hold shape take the pan off the heat and empty the paste. Also don’t overcook the mixture as it might become to dry. I like them soft and pliable.
Once it’s a bit cooled, knead the mixture into a dough and divide into small parts.
Add food colour as desired. I like pastels cause they look nicer. So the colour consistency really depends on whether ur using powder, gel or liquid. I used some cheap liquid ones.
Mix the various coloured doughs and keep aside.
U can grease ur hands with a bit of butter or ghee when handling the dough.
Take the moulds n press the mixtures as per designs into the moulds. U can them pat the moulds upside down. If they r too sticky add a bit of icing sugar on the moulds so that it comes off easily.
Now if you are making Easter eggs and don’t have moulds then just use ur hands and shape them into little oval shapes or cookie shapes. No one will blame u if they don’t look like eggs. Anyways we also eat bonnets, easter bunnies, hen shaped ones that are
Not eggs. So sab chalta hai. Haha. Enjoy the recipe. If you have tried it. Then let me know by commenting. I’ll also try and do the cashew version immediately. Love. Xx Tracy

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