How to make Ragi Recipe for Kids
Best way to feed Ragi to Kids
Ragi ki simple recipe
Ragi with Jaggery Powder & Dry Fruit
Best Ragi Recipe
Ragi ki Healthy Recipe
How to feed Ragi to Kids

ragi malt recipe | ragi porridge recipe | ragi kanji | finger millet recipes with detailed photo and video recipe. A healthy and tasty porridge recipe, made from finger millet or popularly known as ragi. it is a healthy and nutrient drink, with high in protein content and rich in minerals, and hence served for babies and diabetics. it is a popular drink in south India, but gradually picking up in other parts too.

south Indian cuisine has numerous breakfast recipes which are known for its health aspects. there are many recipes using millet’s which are typically served to kids, babies, diabetic patients and also as for weight loss. ragi malt or ragi porridge is one quick and easy such nourishing recipe.

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Health recipe for kids, baby, toddlers
Health Benefits of Ragi covered in video

2 Table Spoon Ragi powder
1 Table Spoon Jaggery Powder
1/2 Glass Milk
1/2 Glass Water
1 Tea Spoon Ghee
Some Dry Fruits Powder



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