How to throw a tea party – afternoon tea
Were going to a tea party yall
A tea party yall
Were dressed up real nice.
We wear sugar cubes like ice.
t-t-t-t-t-t-tea party yall
And you’re invited too!
A tea party yall
Tea party yall, I’ve got my tea hat on.
I think a kitty wants to come.
Tea party yall, and you’re invited too!
Hi! This is Coreen from Capn America Projects
and welcome to my tea party.
Today I’m going to show you how to create
a tea party that your guests will love. So
I guess the first step in creating a tea party
is to make a rap video about it but once you’re
done with that, it is time to send out the
invitations. I sent out the invitations about
a week and a half before the party started
so that people wouldn’t forget about it. And
I had such a good response from people wanting
to come to the party more than any other party
type that I had thrown before. So if you want
a lot of people to come to your party then
be sure it is a tea party. So once people
started RSVP ing then I would make up their
place setting ahead of time. It was a dessert
glass with their name stickered on and I would
later fill these with carnations. The guests
could take their place setting home. So the
flow of the party went pretty well. What happened
was the guests would arrive and then they
would sign their name on our guest book. Our
guest book was kind of neat because it was
actually a sign from a clothing store that
had gone out of business and so we used it
as a white board. The guests would sign their
name using a special royal title too. So that
made them feel kind of neat to do that, kind
of royal. After they had finished signing
the guest book, then they were presented with
a pair of white gloves. They were sat at either
the pink table, the yellow table, or the green
table. I also had some end tables situated
around the dining tables that were filled
with little goodies and the teas that they
would drink so that they might fill themselves
up a little bit while they waited for the
scones and the special sandwiches. Now I’m
going to show you how to make the sandwiches
that were the biggest hit of the party. Here
is the menu that we had. The scones came with
clotted cream, very easy to make. All that
you do is take 4 pints of heavy whipping cream
and put it in a large covered pot and then
place it at the bottom rack of an oven for
180 degrees for 8 hours. It will have a yellow
layer when it is done. Then refrigerate it
for 8 hours and scoop it out. I think that
if you don’t like 2 percent milk, you won’t
like clotted cream but if you do, then you
will love it. Another favorite is the strawberry
cream sandwich. All that you do is take a
loaf of raisin bread and cut off the crust
then spread on cream cheese and layer with
strawberry slices on both sides. Then take
3 tooth picks and insert them to hold the
sandwich together when cut in to thirds. Using
a bread knife, cut them in to thirds. Then
garnish with some small fruit at the end of
the tooth picks. These were the favorites
because they would sneak into the kitchen
and get them after the party was over. Next
is my personal favorite the olive focaccia
sandwich. First I took Kalamata olives and
regular black olives and diced up about a
cup. Then I took three sprigs of parsley and
finely shopped them. Then I took a whole focaccia
loaf and sliced it as thinly as I could, drizzled
on some olive oil and layered on provolone
cheese, and then added the olive mixture.
As parting gifts I had tea cup sets to give
to each of the guests. They had their own
labeled with their name to take home. It was
basically the inspiration to make the tea
party in the first place by seeing these cute
cups in the store. I definitely recommend
taking a full day just to make the decorations
and a full day just to make the sandwiches.Because
otherwise you will be awake the entire night.
you will only get about two hours of sleep
and you won’t enjoy the party as much as hostess.
Thank you so much for joining us for our tea
party. I hope that you have gotten some good
ideas to use for your own party. Honor everyone.
Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the



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