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Good day! Today, we’re going to make another detailed video of a Kalamay recipe which is called Kalamay Uka. This is a sticky and chewy delicacy that is a fuse between Ube and Langka. Enjoy!


3 cups or 327 g glutinous rice flour
1 cup or 100 g rice flour
2 cups or 214 g shredded langka
2 cups or 542 g ube halaya
1 cup or 182 g sugar
6 cups or 1 500 ml coconut milk
2 cups or 500 ml coconut cream
1 tsp. violet food color (optional)

For Toppings:

1/2 cup latik

How to make Ube Halaya: https://youtu.be/cfIzAolYAqw

How to make Latik: https://youtu.be/XZg3fjYUKDk

How to make Budbud: https://youtu.be/kvOFKIoS4WA

Note: For the complete costing and possible profit, refer to the end of the video.

Prices of our ingredients may vary depending on your location or the time you watch this video.

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