The KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Recipe DIY CopyCat . KFC Black Card The Colonel’s secret 11 herbs and spices along w/ their technique for getting the crispiest fried chicken and the now famous Cheetos sauce. Two in one. Extra Crispy chicken recipe and Cheetos sauce.
“KFC is teaming up with Cheetos for the introduction of the new Cheetos Sandwich at select test locations in three Southern states.

The Cheetos Sandwich features the brand’s hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet atop a layer of crunchy Cheetos, mayo and a special Cheetos sauce on a toasted bun.

“The new mashup is available for a limited time at select test locations in Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina; Roanoke and Richmond, Virginia, and Greenville, Georgia.” -Chewboom

“According to a company spokesperson, the fried chicken chain is teaming up with the brilliant masterminds of our favorite crispy snacks to make one dangerously cheesy sandwich.” – Today

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