To learn how to melt chocolate please see the link below

In this video, you will learn how to make almond flavoured chocolates using two different types of moulds. Plastic moulds are low priced but not long lasting where good quality polycarbonate moulds are pretty much unbreakable but expensive. Cheaper polycarbonate moulds are also available.
After you melt the chocolate and chop your almonds, this video teaches you how to mix them and then pipe them carefully into your moulds. The most important tip for you to always keep in mind is that your chocolate should be room temperature and never never HOT! After this step, you learn the technique of how to remove air bubbles so there are no holes in your chocolate.
Your moulds are then ready to put in the freezer

Once taken out from the refrigerator, you can check whether chocolates are ready or not by seeing the frosting on your moulds as shown in the video. You will then learn how to demould the chocolates.

We also show you a quick way on how to give a glitter/ gold touch to your chocolates to make them look even more attractive.



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